Mission not complete even after donating body, tehervi of Brij Lal came out different

Book Ek wagda darya distributed instead of sweets

Neel Kamal

Barnala(Sangrur), October 1, 2006

Even after his demise, Brij Lal did a big favour to a medical college. His will well kept by family inspired 25 persons of making pledge declaring to donate their bodies after death. The medical college authorities were quick in reciprocating the gesture with Brij Lal in the center.

If ceremonies after his death were rare in sight the antim ardas too came out rare in Hindu society. In a departure from the tradition prevailing in Hindu families that could set a new precedent, the Bhog ceremony of Brij Lal was solemnized in a different way. Not only everything went the way he wanted rather more than he would have imagined before his departure. Ek wagda darya(A flowing river) came out the guiding factor prevailing upon many pledging for the ultimate gift by mankind.

Brij Lal had made a will desiring his body be donated to a medical college for research purposes instead of cremating it when he dies and after seven long years of making the will his family members kept it in toto when he died on September 18 going all the way to DMC, Ludhiana to donate the body. Inspired by the sacrifice(according to Hindu traditions) in scripted in ek wagda darya 25 persons in a single stroke pledged to donate their bodies handing over declarations to a representative of DMC.

In spite of distributing patashas or ladoos(sweets) at tehervi(13th day) 1000 copies of a book titled Ek wagda darya were distributed among the persons assembled to remember Brij Lal at Shanti hall here on Sunday. The book which was started during the lifetime of Brij Lal by Ram Sarup Sharma was published at the insistence of family to be in the hands of assembled people. The book containing a declaration on the last page about donating body for research purposes prompted 25 persons to react quickly by not wasting an iota of a minute to have second thought to their decision.

Surjit Kaur Barnala, First lady of Tamilnadu saluting the gesture of donating body called upon people to repeat the spirit of Brij Lal and his family for the welfare of mankind.

Dr. Ajay Goyal, assistant professor of Anatomy at DMC, Ludhiana said the body comes out of immense use for medical students as they are apprised about the functioning of various parts of the body. He told a body could be preserved for 100 years or even more and dozens of batches of students learn about human chemistry. Dr. Ajay said the effort of Brij Lal family could go a long way in motivating others to follow suit as 25 persons have come forward.

Brij Lal(90) had worked with many contemporary comrades the likes of MP Teja Singh Sawatantar,  MLA Harnam Singh Chamak and Santokh Singh Sahor in 50s and 60s. He earnestly had worked in Mujara movement(land for tillers) in 1950s when lands of meager farmers were being snatched by landlords.