Donating bodies is taking the shape of a movement

By | February 10, 2016

Pt. Kedar Nath performed religious rituals whole of life, ends up donating

Neel Kamal, Times of India

Barnala(Sangrur), October 22, 2006

It is becoming a movement for the betterment of society. After comrade Brij Lal it is pandit Kedar Nath and a lot more are waiting in the wings. Donating blood and eyes is very much prevalent, donating whole of body after demise was unheard of till recently but slowly Malwa is getting a reckoning or this supreme donation. If DMC, Ludhiana, a premier medical institute of the area had got only two bodies as a donation in the last 25 years, the institute has got enriched by two bodies in a month’s time. Not only this about a dozen have pledged to donate their bodies from around Barnala only. And this could be made possible with the persistent efforts of Tarksheel society making people aware about the use of dead bodies for the enrichment of medical science.

If pandit Kedar Nath Sharma(83) could not see the lights of Diwali, he provided an exciting Diwali gift to the medical institute on day of festival of lights proving wrong the old anonymous saying ‘tera mass ni kise kamm aouna, pashua de hadd vikde’( your flesh is of no use after demise whereas bones of animals gets a fair price). He had breathed his last on the wee hours of Saturday and his family members leaving apart the rituals Kedar Nath had performed all through his life went all the way to donate his body not going for cremation.

Kedar Nath’s youngest son Narain Dutt, who as former convener of the action committee is long associated with the infamous Kiranjit murder case and presently on bail in a inter related case had to use his influence to prevailing upon other family members for the donation. So overwhelmed was the gesture that even father of one of the Doctor of Anatomy department of the institute got a motivation to donate his body. Narain said getting inspiration from the donation of body by comrade Brij Lal last month, he too had thought to repeat the same.

Dr. Poonam Singh of the institute opines all the body parts right from head to toes are of prime importance for the institute. The students get to know more about the body through practical research.

With an aim to prevail upon people about the body donation Tarksheel society headed by Megh Raj Mittar has launched a campaign in a hi tech way. He has decided to use website www. to throw all the information regarding this. Even a magazine published by society is devoting space on the issue. And soon area can lead others in donating bodies.


… And some more have pledged to donate bodies

Barnala: After comrade Brij Lal’s family donating his body after death, the positive impact is there for all to see in the area. The donating of second body in barely a month is seen a start of a movement here as a number of others are lined up. Ramji Lal(85) of Barnala is too willing to donate his body that he got along his kin to Megh Raj’s place to use his expertise to get his body to medical institute after he dies.

Parmjit Singh, a retired headmaster of nearby village Sanghera only last week has sent his affidavit to DMC, desiring to donate his body. Five persons of village Deewana, 3 of village Sherpur too have pledged to donate their bodies.

And the trend was set by a former comrade Lal Singh Kalsan. After his demise in January 2003 his family members had donated his body for medical research.