How we worked in the Indian masses?

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Every day many strange incidents are taking place in my Great India. At one time the stone idols of Hindu Gods start sipping the milk, the hawks (associated with the 10th Sikh Guru) start visiting the Sikh Shrines (Gurudwaras), normally used for cooking The Stove becomes God, and at the other time the snakes (also worshiped in India) appear on the eatable vegetable loofah. If my countrymen should have been wise enough to think that the stones cannot take milk, without having the digestive system and the blood circulatory system along with other parts of the body (the heart and the brain) involved in this complex process. Why my countrymen do not have the knowledge of all this ? Because they are not having the open brains – thinking brains. Human mind is working like a parachute. When the parachuter jumps from the aero plane, if his parachute opens in time, he lands safely on the earth enjoying and rejoicing with the spectacles of the open space. If, incidentally, his parachute does not open, he collides with the ground/earth and disintegrates and dies. Similarly those people whose brains are not open, they are leading a life of hell on this earth and the people whose brains are open they create the heaven on this earth by organizing themselves.

 So to open the brains we organized Taraksheel Society in 1984. In the end of 1983 I got a book ‘The Begone God men’ written by Dr. Abraham T. Kavoor of Sri Lanka. I read that book which convinced me. I gave this book to one of my friends for reading. After reading the book he said, “I want this book in Punjabi language, I can spend rupees 500 for this.” I enquired from him that when you have already read this book in English language why you want to read it in Punjabi. He started explaining that he is to earn rupees 1500 from all this. I asked him, “How are you going to earn rupees 1500 from this ?” He replied that his wife cannot read English, she can read Punjabi. Since last three years she is playing in the hands of an astrologer. The astrologer has taken away about rupees three thousand from my house so far and for future he has planned some more rituals which will cost me about Rs. 2000. So by spending just merely rupees 500 on the Punjabi book, I am going to earn rupees 1500 which the astrologer has planned to carry. This appealed me and I started translating this book in Punjabi.

 When the Punjabi translation reached in the hands of the people, the effected people started coming to me to solve their problems. I was not knowing how to solve these cases, but I was not willing to disappoint the people also. Therefore, I started trying to solve these cases. In the beginning I was not successful. I learned from my mistakes from each case and slowly I developed the method to solve such cases.

 Two Types of cases came to me. In the first type of cases the people were used to see their dead ones who used to disturb them. In the second type stone throwing, cloth burning, cloth cutting and sprinkling of blood etc. incidents were happening. Let us now share, how to solve these two types of cases.

 First type of cases are known as cases of ‘Possession’. Our organization have solved about 45000 such cases so for. The branches of our organization run the Psychiatric centers on Sundays to solve such cases. The daily Punjabi papers carry one or two news/articles of such solved cases. In these cases the victim start seeing the images of the dead, these images disturb them and sometimes insist upon taking them along with. In these cases the victim start rotating his/her head and speaks strange things. Sometimes such disturbed people meet accidents also and end their lives just in vain. The members of our organization have noted that the spirits of the dead are not seen by the communist type people and these do not disturb them. So to solve these cases we invented certain arguments which destroyed the faith of the victim in the existence of the spirits. We narrated them our experiences of solving such cases and asked them to read few of our books. If the victim was to be illiterate, the literate person from the family was assigned the duty to read the books for the victim. Like this we have solved numerous cases. Many strange types of cases came to us. Few case histories are here for you.

 One lady from a village came to me complaining of seeing the spirit of her dead husband who was killed in the Iraq war. The spirit was insisting to take her away along with him. I destroyed her faith in the spirits. After one month I received a letter from her that now she is completely alright. But after two months one man came to me for thanking me to cure his wife. I investigated the record and found out that the man was the husband of that lady. I asked him that his wife was possessed by his spirit – how all it happened. He started telling that he and his friend went to Iraq for earning livelihood. During one air raid his friend was killed and he himself was put behind the bars. After two or three days the official, asked me to give my address and the address of my dead friend also, so that they could inform the home people. I told them the addresses. But by mistake they telegraphed to my home ‘as dead’ and to the relatives of my friend as ‘imprisoned and alright’. Now please you decide whether the souls of the living people can possess others ? 400 such cases we have solved in which the victims were used to see the spirits of the living.

 In another case two teachers, brother and sister, were brought to us by their mother. When we asked from the girl she told that she is disturbed by the famous film stars actors, they visit her in dreams and do indecent activities. When we asked the boy he told all opposite to this. He was used to see the beautiful actresses who were used to disturb him by their indecent activities. I judged that the age of the girl and the boy was approximately 32 and 34 respectively. But they were yet unmarried. When I asked the reason for not marrying them the mother told that they had four elder sisters of them and due to the dowry and other expenditures they could have managed to marry only them up to now. We are going to marry them also very soon. So on our suggestions they married them and our books opened their brains and they were relieved of the spirits.

 In one strange case a woman was used to see a buffalo. When the buffalo swings its head the woman was used to feel pain in the stomach. By collecting the information we came to know that her husband was a drunkard and was accustomed to beat her. The day when she was beaten the buffalo was used to disturb her more on that day. We asked the husband to stop the practice of beating and asked the lady to read our books which abolished her faith in the existence of spirits and she became alright.

 We have solved 400 cases of second type i.e. incidents happening in the houses of the people. In many cases these incidents take place in one home only – Incidents such as stone throwing, cloth burning, cloth cutting, sprinkling of blood, letter throwing etc. In such cases some member of the home is normally involved. That person is doing such things due to his temporary psychological problems. Our people find some spirits behind these cases. Spirits do not exist, so they fail to solve the problem. During our interview with the family members we go on deleting the absent members at the time of the incident and finally reach one member who is always present and in almost all the cases he/she is responsible for such incidents. We create fear in his/her mind that if you does not stop doing such things the police can be summoned, or he/she can be deported away from home, or can be admitted in a mental hospital. After obtaining the promise of not doing such things in future we too promise not to disclose his/her name to anyone. And the incidents stop happening.

 In other cases these incidents take place in several houses at different intervals, To solve such cases we are having a very good scientific method. The variety/type of the stone, direction of the stone from which side it comes, the resultant number of pieces of the thrown stone etc. are investigated and observed. From this we come to the conclusion who does all this. Organization has solved many strange cases but here only three examples shall be sufficient.

 One family informed me that their only daughter when vomits, some parts of the radio also come along with the vomiting. I went to solve this case. The girl vomited and the radio parts were present in her vomiting. I asked the home people to inform me just before the time when the girls feel like vomiting. Approximately after half an hour the family informed me about this. I made up my mind that once swallowed the radio parts cannot come out of the stomach without operation/surgery. So she was mixing the radio parts in the vomiting from outside. To mix the parts in the vomiting from out side the use of hands is necessary. So I decided to capture her hands. Soon the family members told me that the girl was feeling to vomit. The girl was sitting on her feet, ready to vomit. Her right hand was placed on the right ear and the left hand was on the left side of his stomach. I arrested her both the hands. When I opened her right hand I found the radio parts in it. While vomiting from the mouth, as usual, she was used to drop the radio parts from the right hand and these parts used to get mixed in the vomiting. The girl was interested to study but the home people were against further studies. On our advice she was admitted in the school and the incident stopped.

 One newspaper carried news item that the sewing machine needles are coming out of the stomach of a lady. We decided to investigate this. She showed us many X-Ray films which exhibited numerous needles in her stomach, During our investigation one lady from her neighbourhood told us that one day I asked her that we daily see the needles coming out but no crochet has come out. Lo ! the next day a crochet was there. Once again she was asked to bring out the knitting needle. Next day the knitting needle came out. We asked our unknown members to follow that lady. To end the story our members caught her red handed while purchasing the needles from a grocery shop and the people present there were informed about this. This episode came to an end. The lady was a wife of an army man. She was entangled with a “God Men” and was doing all this to continue her clandestine affair. The cells around the wound were dead thus she was experiencing no pain while putting the needles in and taking out.

 Just one month earlier, we have solved another such case in which there were burning of things in sixteen houses. Even a dozen of holy books and some valuable clothes and articles were burnt. When we reached there the people were crying as their holy place was also burnt and now there was nobody to save them. We investigated the whole case and traced out one 11 year boy who was a student of 5th class. We advised the village head to send the boy to his maternal uncles in other village. We noticed the incident stopped.

 Since we established this organization we have given a challenge also. This challenge contains 23 terms and conditions. By fulfilling just one term anyone can win Rs. Twenty laces. The challenge contains terms such as to read the numbers of a sealed currency notes, to transform a man into a dog or dog into a man, to make a stationery object to move, to bend a rod of metal etc. Many other organizations also have declared much more awards for the winners of this challenge. Few “God Men” accepted our challenge. I shall illustrate few examples of such hoaxers.

 One saint from a nearby village challenged me that with the supernatural power of his religious recitation he can open the ties (knots) of the turban. We reached in his village with the award amount. For an hour he was reciting his mantras but could not remove or untie the knots of the turban. He lost his advance deposit of Rs. 1000/- to us. Another saint challenged us that with his powers he can break the leg of any body sitting on a chair faraway from him. We provided him sufficient opportunities but he also failed.

 One more saint said that with his attained supernatural powers he can make or stop to rain at his own sweet wish. We provided him three occasions on different places but he could not do so. Similarly an another saint informed us that he can fly in the air against the known laws of nature. We accepted his challenge and when asked to demonstrate he did not turn out on the fixed day and date.

 Our organization is of the opinion that the Sadhu, Saints and Mahatmas are decoits and thieves. Declaring themselves as the possessor of super natural powers they influence the gullible people. They are liars and cheats. We want that such people should be put behind the bars, Our organization understands that behind any incident there is always a scientific law. There is no incident which is not having a scientific law behind it. There are other people also in addition to our organization, who have challenged the charlatans to win their whole assets and properties by showing the supernatural powers.

 To open the minds of the people our organization publishes books, pamphlets, wall papers, hand bills, magazines etc. We also mobilize mass media for this purpose. We organize public conferences to challenge the so-called God men with super-natural powers with an objective to spread scientific attitude among the people. To show magic tricks to expose miracles are the activities we undertake. This is not our hobby but it is our way to convey our message to the masses.

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